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November issues of The Washtenaw Libertarian are out!

Our November issue of the quarterly publication of the LPWC, The Washtenaw Libertarian, was mailed last week for the first time in years! If you didn’t get a copy in the mail it’s because we don’t have an updated address for you! We would appreciate it if you would fill out either the Subscribe form or the Contact Us form and send us your updated information.

We plan to eventually phase out snail-mail and send out email versions of The Washtenaw Libertarian. Check back soon for a hosted PDF on the internet or your email inboxes!

UPDATE: Check out our new Newsletters page,, to see a running list of issues of The Washtenaw Libertarian and view them as a PDF!


Meeting this Wednesday (11/2) @ Classic Cup, 7 PM

Fellow Washtenaw Libertarians & subscribers,

The next meeting of the LPWC will be this coming Wednesday,
November 2nd, 7:00 PM at the Classic Cup Cafe, 4389 Jackson Ave, Ann

Look for us either in the back-room or at the square tables
against the rear of the main dining room as we discuss business and
recent events!

I hope to have an almost-final draft of our print-newsletter, The
Washtenaw Libertarian, by the time of the meeting! Think about which
day of the week might work for you to meet up with the officers of the
LPWC on off-meeting weeks so that we can have a get-together to print,
fold, stuff, and stamp newsletters and envelopes. This revival issue
of The Washtenaw Libertarian will be key to our future membership and
donation drives!

As usual, the first 30 minutes are typically a social meet-and-greet
time. Please join us and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any
questions. In addition, you can find out more at our website,