Revised by James Hudler, adopted November 18th, 1992
1st revision adopted July 1995
2nd revision adopted March 8th,  2001
3rd revision adapted January 6th, 2005
4th revision adapted May 6th, 2009

  1. Name of the organization
    1. The name of this organization is “The Libertarian Party Of Washtenaw County”, abbreviated herein as the LPWC.
  2. Organizational Structure
    1. The officers of the LPWC are: Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary
      1. The duties of the Chair are:
        1. To preside over meetings.
        2. To determine dates of meetings and elections with the approval of the Central Committee.
        3. To account, along with the Treasurer, for the funds of the LPWC.
        4. To be responsible for the correspondence of the LPWC.
        5. To appoint a Newsletter Editor with the approval of the Central Committee.
      2. The duties of the Vice-Chair are:
        1. To assume the duties of the Chair in his or her absence
        2. To bear the primary responsibility for setting the non-official agenda at official meetings (e.g. speakers, social events).
      3. The duties of the Treasurer are:
        1. To establish and oversee an account in the name of the Libertarian Party of Washtenaw County in a local bank.
        2. To account for all funds of the party, including dues.
        3. To preside over fundraising events.
        4. In the case of the dissolution of the LPWC, to turn party funds over to the Libertarian Party of Michigan or, should the Libertarian Party of Michigan have been dissolved, to the national Libertarian Party, or should the national Libertarian Party have been dissolved to the government of Washtenaw County.
      4. The duties of the Secretary are:
        1. To record the minutes of official meetings of the LPWC.
        2. To maintain the LPWC membership records and mailing list.
        3. To assist the Chair with the membership related correspondence of the LPWC.
        4. To coordinate party building activities.
    2. Election of Officers
      1. All officers are to be elected annually at the February business meeting by vote of the general membership of the LPWC.
      2. All officers must be members of the LPWC as of the beginning of the meeting when elections are held.
    3. The Central Committee
      1. The Central Committee of the LPWC consists of the LPWC officers.
      2. The Central Committee governs the LPWC during intervals between business meetings.
    4. Membership
      1. All members of the Libertarian Party of Michigan who live in Washtenaw County are affiliate members of the LPWC.
      2. Anyone who has contributed at least $10 to the LPWC within the current calendar year shall be a voting member of the LPWC.
      3. Unless otherwise noted, “member of LPWC” means a voting member.
  3. Meetings
    1. The LPWC will hold an business meeting once a month unless otherwise decided by the membership at a business meeting.
    2. Each member as documented by the Membership Director is entitled to vote at business meetings.
    3. Affiliate members may vote at meetings unless a voting member raises an objection.
    4. The size of a quorum shall be six (6) members
    5. Parliamentary procedure
      1. The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order govern the official meetings in all cases where they are applicable and are not inconsistent with these bylaws or any special rules of order which the LPWC may adopt.
  4. Elections for Public Office
    1. LPWC candidates for public office must have been LPWC members for at least thirty days prior to nomination.
    2. Caucuses within the LPWC
      1. LPWC candidates for public office shall, as long as the Libertarian Party of Michigan remains a minor party, be nominated by LPWC caucuses consisting of LPWC members residing in the geographic area of the candidate’s district.
      2. The LPWC Chair shall, prior to candidate nomination, appoint a Chair for each caucus from among the members of the respective caucuses.
      3. Each caucus Chair shall preside over his or her caucus, shall appoint a caucus Secretary, and preside over the selection of candidates in the area the caucus covers.

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